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Successful Life Skills 2nd ed.

SMART Recovery Canada

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Successful Life Skills is the epitome of what the recovery movement represents. This guide can help any population learn and improve their lives on a holistic level, focusing on solutions rather than labels or diagnoses. It focuses on choices which are paramount for people to engage and participate in a learning experience. This new manual is by far the easiest, most targeted and user-friendly treatment tool available today. It meets standards for evidence-based treatment, follows a natural progression and can be used in either facilitator-led or participant-led groups. SMART Recovery and NIDA’s evidence-based InsideOut Correctional Program has been used in prisons and jails around the world over the last 22 years to great effect. Successful Life Skills has upgraded this program for the 21st Century, extending the program components and including many valuable and relevant life skills. Focused and thoughtful reading of this book will instill HOPE in people who wish to make changes in their lives and the POWER to make them.